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Wind turbine spare parts

We carry a large range of spare parts for wind turbines and aqua turbines.  If we don't stock the part required we can usually source it localy or from one of our over seas suppliers.  We also have 2nd hand parts for some wind turbines. however there is usually an option to retrofit an alternate part or remanufacture a new part. 

Contact us if there is a spare part that you require.

This is a list of the wind turbines that we supply parts for.

Primus Windpower (Southwest Windpower)

Air 403, Air X, Air X Marine, Air X Industrial, Air Breeze, Air 30, Air 40, Air Silent X, Whisper 100, Whipser 200, Whisper 500.

LVM ltd

Aerogen 2, Aerogen 4, Aerogen 6, Aquagen


WT400, WT750, WT2500


Windcharger 913, Windcharger 914 Windcharger 504


Pacific 100, Ampair Hawk Aquaair 100


3kw, 5kw, 10kw, 20kw


Air Dolphin

Wish Energy

Windistar 400, Windistar 4500, Whisper 500 plus


Soma 400, Soma 1000

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