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Carbon Management Systems

Carbon Management Systems (CMS) were importers of solar modules, grid connect inverters and solar pumps.?

Since they are no longer operating there is no support of their products.? However we can repair some of the faults in the CMS1500, CMS2000 and CMS10000 grid connect inverters.?

Here is a list of the CMS inverter fault codes.

Isolation fault
Ground I Fault
Grid Fault
No Utility
PV Over voltage
Consistent Fault
Over Temperature
Relay Failure
SCI Failure
High DC Bus
Low DC Bus
Ref 2.5V Fault
DC Sensor
GFCI Failure

We can also supply genuine replacement parts for the CMS range of solar pumps from the manufacturer.?

Centrifugal impellers
Helical rotors and rubber cavities(Progressive cavity or screw pump)
Pump controllers

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