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These are the energy efficient DC lighting items which we sell.

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps
  • Halogen Globes
  • LED Globes
  • Fluorescent Lighting Inverters

Compact Fluorescent Lamps are just like the normal 240 volt household Compact florescent that you will find in just about any home but these are powered from a DC source like a battery and are available in 12 or 24 volts as a standard. Other voltages may be available, let us know your special request.

Halogen Globes give the most natural type of light output but are not as efficient as a fluorescent lamp.

LED Globes are the most efficient type of low voltage lighting.  Available in a large range of styles to suit most light fittings and several different colours.  They came in multi voltages too. (ie 12 and 24 volts)

Fluorescent Lighting Inverters are the little pieces of electronics that converter the DC power into much higher voltage AC power in order to drive just about any fluorescent lamp.  Conventional battens and other fluorescent lamps can be converted to operate from DC using these inverters.

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