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Inspire Solar

Inspire Solar imported many grid interactive inverters however Inspire Solar is no longer in business.

Since they are no longer operating there is no support of their products.? However we can repair some of the faults in the N1500, N2500, N3000, N4000 and N5000 grid interactive inverters.?

Here is a list of the Inspire Solar inverter fault codes.

Disconnect Grid No grid detected
Grid V Fault Grid voltage out of range
Grid F Fault Grid Frequency out of range
Low Isolation Low input isolation
High PV Voltage PV input voltage to high
High Ground I Ground Fault
High Temperature Internal temperature too high
EEPROM damage EEPROM has a fault
Please Initiate System has not been initiated
GFCI Damaged Ground Fault Circuit Indicator has a fault
Sensor Damaged Output AC sensor damaged
SCI Damaged The two MCU are not communicating
Not consistent The two MCUs have different information
High DC Inj Output DC injection to high
Relay Damage Output relay failure
High Bus Voltage DC Bus voltage is too high
Auto test failed Auto test failed
2.5V Ref fault Internal 2.5V reference has failed


Contact us if you have a faulty Inspire Solar inverter that needs repair.


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