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There are 3 main types of inverters.

  • Power Inverters
  • Power Inverter Chargers
  • Grid Interactive Inverters

Power Inverters convert the DC battery power into AC 240 volt power. They come in 12, 24 and 48 volt battery voltages as a standard and we can get almost any custom voltage like 32, 36 and 96 to name a few. The power output ranges from around 150 watts to well over 10 kilowatts. The output AC waveform may be Sine Wave, Modified Sine Wave or Square wave. Sine Wave is like normal mains power. Some items do operate correctly or at all from a Modified or Square wave output.

Power Inverter Chargers are just like a Power Inverter with an inbuilt battery charger. Most have an in built AC changeover switch that will transfer the loads away from the inverter and connect them to the mains or generator power so that the charger can operate efficiently. This is usually automatic.

Grid Interactive Inverters take DC power from a renewable power source like wind or solar and convert it to AC 240 volts while synchronising the AC waveform to suit the local electricity grid. Grid Interactive Inverters come in a range to suit the size of the DC power source, from a single module upward.

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