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We sell several different types of pumps to suit many needs. We have pumps which operate from a battery, solar array, wind turbine, generator or all put together.

Pressure Pumps are used for irrigation, homes, motor homes, camper trailers or anywhere you may need water pumped with pressure. Pressure pumps generally are either

Submersible Pumps for when the water source requires the pump to be submerged in the water. (ie bore hole, dam or river). Submersible pumps use the water for cooling and possibly lubrication and often made of stainless steel.

Water Feature Pumps to supply water flow to a water fall, eject water out of a fountain or simply to aerate a pond there is a pump to suit most applications.

Solar Pumps can be any type of pump. Powered directly from the solar array, with a battery bank or a combination of solar, wind and batteries.  It is even possible to convert a standard 240 volt or 415 volt pump running from the mains or a generator and have them run for free from the sun and or wind.

Solar Pumping Inverters are used to direct drive standard 240 volt or 415 volt pumps. They convert the solar energy to what ever the pump requires using state of the art switch mode technology. Most solar pumping inverters will also accept a mains or generator input for those times when extra water is required.

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