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Solar Modules

We sell 3 different types of solar modules.? Each type of cell has its benefits over the others.

  • Mono Crystalline Modules
  • Multi Crystalline Modules
  • Amorphous Modules

Mono Crystalline cells are the most efficient of all the types. The higher efficiency will reduce the cost of installation on larger arrays buy requiring fewer modules to produce the same output. Mono crystalline cells derate at a lower rate to Multi crystalline cells as the cell temperature increases so in effect a 190watt module of mono crystalline cells will be producing closer to its rated output then a 190watt Multi crystalline module will. Mono Crystalline cells are also more expensive.

Multi Crystalline cells were till a few years ago the most common type of cell sold. Being much cheaper to manufacture then Mono crystalline till the recent mass productions from China. Multi crystalline cells are around the same cost now but are generally less efficient then Mono crystalline cells.

Amorphous cells are the cheapest to make but are a lot less efficient meaning you will need much more area to mount an array for the same output as either of the crystalline. Amorphous cells suffer less from thermal derating then the crystalline cells.

The brands we sell: These manufactures produce the highest quality products with class leading warranties. Follow the links to the manufactures pages and read more on the companies and their products.











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