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Sunny Roo Products

Sunny Roo Products imported many grid interactive inverters, however Sunny Roo Products are no longer in business.

Since they are no longer operating there is no support of their products.? However we can repair some of the faults in the SR1500TL, SR2000TL, SR3000Tl, SR4200TL, SR4600TL and SR5000TL grid interactive inverters.?

Here is a list of the Sunny Roo Products inverter fault codes.

Er00 DC_BUS pre-Charge fail, the DC Bus cannot reach and maintain anticipated charging voltage.
Er03 INVERTER voltage abnormal The Inverter Output voltage is abnormal.
Er07 DC_BUS over-voltage The DC BUS inside is lower or high than expected.
Er08 DC_BUS under-voltage.
Er17 EEPROM ERROR on the control board EEPROM Data is wrong.
Er19 DC_BUS discharge fail Capacitors of the DC Bus can?t be discharged down.
Er22 Output Relay fail The Inverter Output Relay is abnormal.
Er24 Output Current sense fail The Inverter Output Current fails to detect.
Er25 BOOSTER_A over-current Over-current on the DC side.
Er26 BOOSTER_B over-current network is larger than specified.
Er30 Rating setting of Driver board does not match EEROM of control board.
Er06 EPO Inverter enters into EPO mode (Emerge Power Off).
Er09 Inverter Output over-current Over-current on the AC side.
Er11 Inverter over-load Overload on the AC side.
Er13 Inverter short-circuit Short-circuit on the AC side.
Er14 Inverter PLL fail The phase of Inverter can?t synchronise with the utility.
Er29 Inverter output DC current over spec.
Er10 Inverter Over temperature The internal temperature is too high.
Er18 Heat Sink Over temperature The Heat Sink temperature is too high.

Contact us if you have a faulty Sunny Roo Products inverter that needs repair.


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