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Wind power

Wind is an excellent source of energy, in fact it can out produce solar in the right location with 24/7 energy production. Altitude is usually the best location for a wind turbine, and always in clear sight of prevailing winds.

Wind turbines and generators:
We sell a range of wind turbines from measly 300 watts to tens of kilowatts. Wind turbines (or wind generators) are not as popular as solar for a source of energy, but are largely sold for marine use or domestic installations along the coast or in the mountains. We source wind turbines from all over the world.

We can supply spare parts for most wind turbines or carry out the repairs in our workshop.

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We are distributors for Bryan Windmills from Colac in Victoria who have been producing windmills since 1888. We can supply mill head parts, towers, pumps, compensating heads, and bore column and rods for Bryan Windmills as well as other brands like Southern Cross, Comet, Windpump and Metters.

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