Aerogen Aftermarket Replacement Hub & Blade Set

New, aftermarket replacement hub and blade set for the Aerogen family of wind generators from LVM.

These come with 6 red glass-reinforced nylon blades, adjustable pitch, suited to the Aerogen wind turbine.

Images shown are for the AERO6GEN (LVM 6) kit. Blades for the AERO3GEN (LVM 3) and AERO4GEN (LVM 4) are wider and shorter than those pictured.

The diameter is 820mm for the AERO3GEN and AERO4GEN;
and 1170mm for the AERO6GEN.

These can be ordered to fit various shaft sizes, typically 15mm for the AERO3GEN/AERO4GEN and 20mm for the AERO6GEN. We recommend measuring your shaft diameter to be sure.

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